St. Joseph Catholic School offers the following daily specials in addition to our core curriculum.


Physical Education is a combination of health, nutrition, and fitness activities offered one to two times a week. Students engage in team building activities, learn a variety of sports, and learn how to respect others on the playground.

Our students are exposed to the Spanish language twice a week in grades Alpha K – 4, and three to four times a week in Grades 6-8.  Our students are given opportunities to practice vocabulary, conversation, and culture so that they have a foundation for high school Spanish study.


Visual Arts is offered one hour, once a week for all grade levels.  Students use a variety of media including watercolor, oil pastel, acrylic, clay, and pencil to develop their drawing and painting skills.  Art projects are often based on seasonal or religious events, depending on the time of year.


Music is taught to all students so that they can learn invaluable skills such assight reading, rhythm, melody, and harmony.  Students in AK-3 receivefoundational instruction in song, and in grades 4-8, our students play the ukulele and are able to read, write, and play their own musical stylings.
Our Wellness program is designed to teach students breathing and relaxation techniques, mindfulness and more.  One day each week, students start or end their day with wellness class.

Technology instruction is embedded in every subject and is spearheaded by our homeroom teachers. Students in Grades 1-8 have a 1:1 student to i-Pad ratio, while our Alpha K and K students occasionally use technology but focus mainly on developing fine and gross motor skills.  Our Digital Citizenship program addresses timely topics and prepares students to take ownership of their digital lives.  Topics include media balance and well being, privacy and security, digital footprint, online communication, and media literacy.