Acknowledging parents as the primary educators of their children, we assist by providing an educational program which nourishes the faith development of all students. This program endeavors to educate the whole person through religious, intellectual, psychological, social, physical, and aesthetic development.

Staff Directory 

Administrative Personnel
Pastor Msgr. Kevin Kostelnik
Principal Mrs. Margaret Alvarez
Assistant Principal Mrs. Madison Alba
Director of Advancement Ms. Meghan MacRae
Administrative Council Ms. Erin Wright

Miss Madison Smith

Ms. Carole Dellavalle

Ms. Judy Perez

Transitional K (Alpha K) Ms. Judy Perez
Kindergarten Ms. Carole Dellavalle
Grade 1 Miss Elizabeth Masters
Grade 2 Ms. Sonia Yurak
Grade 3 Mrs. Jessica Leon
Grade 4 Miss Madison Smith
Grade 5 Mrs. Carmella Arcadio
Junior High
Grade 6 – Homeroom Mr. Eric Heilman (Math 6, 7, 8 and Algebra)
Grade 7 – Homeroom Mrs. Natalie Frazee (Language Arts, 6,7,8)
Grade 8 – Homeroom Miss Erin Wright (Religion/Social Studies 6,7,8)
Media Specialist Mrs. Jacqueline Stiffler
Science Mrs. Tevy Mantong
Visual Arts Teacher Mrs. Christina Salsameda
Music and Performing Arts Ms. Meghan Turner
Spanish Mrs. Joanna Sotomayor
Reading Specialist Mrs. Anna Martinez
Wellness Coordinator Ms. Meghan MacRae
Physical Education / Athletics Director Mrs. Ronda Klosterman
Teaching Assistants Mrs. Jessica Aguirre

Ms. Carolyn LaRiccia

Ms. Isabel Reyes

Mrs. Brittany Mata

Mrs. Sedelia Anderson

Miss Sera Dennis

Office Secretary & Nurse Ms. Caroline Garcia
Office Receptionist


Mrs. Lisette Torres

Mrs. Nina Escandon

Day Care Director

Day Care Assistant

Ms. Carolyn LaRiccia

Miss Sera Dennis

Custodian Ms. Ana Ramos


Mr. Andrew Ramos