St. Joseph Parish plant is a profound tribute to the deep faith and hard work of Father Walter A. Martin and his generous parishioners. In December, 1955, the work, which would result in this beautiful ten-acre plant, officially began. The first Mass was celebrated in the partially completed parish hall on Easter Sunday, 1956.

By October, 1956, eight classrooms were ready and school opened. The school was staffed by the Sisters of St. Louis of France. There were 415 children in five grades. Each year a new grade was added and in 1958 twelve classrooms were in operation. The total enrollment at that time was 660. An additional building in 1959 increased St. Joseph School to sixteen classrooms. There were two classes for each grade level, one through

The first graduation was held on June 12, 1960. There were 45 graduates, 29 girls and 16 boys. The graduates expressed great joy in having been privileged to see so many changes in this rapidly growing parish.

Enrollment reached a peak of 850 students in 1962 – 1965. The faculty then was comprised of ten lay teachers and nine sisters. In the early 1970’s enrollment began to decline. St. Joseph School began to phase out the double classroom system. In 1976 a Kindergarten program was established with 25 students.

With the completion of the 1991 school year the Sisters of St. Louis of France would no longer provide a principal to administer the school. In July 1991, Miss Brigid Considine was hired as the first lay principal of St. Joseph School. The school continues under lay administration to the current day.

There are eight single grades, one full day Alpha-K class and Kindergarten class. The current enrollment is 305.


The school mascot is the St. Joseph Knight