Investing in the whole child and

the future of St. Joseph Catholic School…

Like all non-profit schools and organizations we rely on philanthropic contributions from all who value the faith-based education St. Joseph Catholic School provides. Every gift of every size benefits the lives of our students, as well as the teachers and staff committed to providing a Christ-centered environment that motivates students toward an intrinsic love of learning. With the strength of our kind, supportive community, we are able to better serve the families of our parish.

Did you know? For over 50 years, parents that practice Catholicism and parents that aren’t Catholic, but who appreciate the practice, have chosen St. Joseph Catholic School to partner with them to assist in helping their children develop the tools to grow physically, intellectually and spiritually. St. Joseph Elementary School is part of a community of faith that nurtures, engages, and challenges its students to know and authentically love themselves and others. In this community, our students engage in a rigorous, well-rounded curriculum where they are encouraged to grow into the person that God is calling them to become.

We hope that St. Joseph Catholic School will be one of your family’s top philanthropic priorities, and we are humbly grateful to every donor at every level.